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Dear Orphan

Dear OrphanLittle Image My team of three friends had just lost our pickup basketball game at a local park. We collapse onto the bench, breathless, sweat soaking through our shirts,  while our six other friends get ready for their 3-on-3; the winner would be our next opponent. Whatever song was playing through my friend’s bluetoothContinue reading “Dear Orphan”


TermsEmawk This song was my beginning to an obsessive fandom of Emawk. When the song came on, I was mid-squat, hitting leg day at the gym, watching my reflection in the mirror to ensure proper form, but really to prevent myself from making stupid faces while pushing through the movement. I was initially drawn inContinue reading “Terms”


Strings Young The Giant This self-titled album dropped during my first year of college in San Luis Obispo. These melodies, for me, hold within them the simultaneous excitement and terror of moving from a small suburban town to a coastal college community. They have the taste of saltwater in the air and the warmth ofContinue reading “Strings”

Roll Like Thunder by Jake Wells

Spotify: Youtube: Jake Wells has an interesting approach in his songwriting. In many of his songs, he writes through an experience, rather than about an experience. Roll Like Thunder is one of those songs. Somehow, through the music, you can almost see the thunderstorm through a window or underneath an overhang, watching theContinue reading “Roll Like Thunder by Jake Wells”


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